MCQ's of Bangla 1st Paper

A. Pupil is located inside the

A. iris

B. sclerotic coat

C. choroid coat

D. lens.

Correct Answer : A

A. Eye is nourished through

A. sclerotic coat

B. choroid coat

C. iris

D. pupil.

Correct Answer : B

A. : Friction between eyelid and exposed part of eye ball is reduced through

A. water splashes

B. repetitive blinking of eye

C. tear lubrication through lachrymal tear gland

D. vitrous humor.

Correct Answer : C

A. Night blindness is caused due to deficiency of

A. vitamin A

B. vitamin B complex

C. vitamin D

D. vitamin K.

Correct Answer : A

A. Excess tears drain into

A. Lachrymal tear gland

B. naso-lachrymal duct

C. lower eyelid

D. nose.

Correct Answer : B

A. If surrounding light intensity is low

A. the pupil becomes large

B. the pupil contracts

C. the pupil becomes upset

D. the pupil relaxes.

Correct Answer : A

A. Nervous control acts through

A. impulses transmitted by neuron

B. hormones transported by blood

C. leukocytes in blood

D. thrombocytes.

Correct Answer : A

A. Cretinism results due to

A. excess of adrenaline

B. lesser thyroxin

C. excess insulin

D. lesser keratin.

Correct Answer : B

A. Hormones from pituitary gland includes

A. testosterone

B. oestrogen

C. progesterone

D. all of these.

Correct Answer : D

A. Due to adrenaline in blood, Fatigue is a

A. possible short tem effect

B. a long term effect

C. causes diarrhea

D. causes pain in stomach.

Correct Answer : B

A. During tissue respiration, an increased oxidation of glucose occurs due to

A. production of thiamine

B. production of insulin

C. production of glucagon

D. production of adrenaline.

Correct Answer : B

A. Glands of internal section are also known as

A. endocrine glands

B. duct glands

C. exocrine glands

D. ectocrine glands.

Correct Answer : A

A. Production of insulin causes

A. proper appetite

B. an overall increase in glucose utilization

C. feelings of sluggishness

D. coma and death.

Correct Answer : B

A. : Apart from other reasons, excess thyroxin may cause

A. myxedema

B. heart attack

C. meningitis

D. obesity.

Correct Answer : B

A. Hormone causing larva to grow or turn into a pupa is

A. elastin



D. oestrogen.

Correct Answer : B

A. Shedding of skin in insects larvae is called as

A. metamorphosis

B. moulting

C. mentoting

D. meningitis.

Correct Answer : B

A. Salivary gland is a

A. endocrine gland

B. exocrine gland

C. ectocrine glands

D. hypocrine glands.

Correct Answer : B

A. : Production of ketones (R-(C=O)-R)

A. may result in death

B. is due to fat oxidation instead of glucose

C. is due to sugar reduction instead of fats

D. both A and B.

Correct Answer : C

A. Effects of adrenaline are

A. short-lived

B. long-term

C. involuntary

D. sudden.

Correct Answer : A

A. Primary sexual characteristic in males include

A. deepening of voice

B. growth of facial and pubic hair

C. maturation of sex organs

D. all of these.

Correct Answer : C