MCQ's of Bangla 1st Paper

A. Sweat gland is an example of

A. endocrine gland

B. exocrine gland

C. ectocrine glands

D. hypocrine glands.

Correct Answer : B

A. Hormones

A. are deposited in liver

B. are destroyed in liver after specific function is performed

C. stay in blood stream permanently

D. act in the absence of enzymes.

Correct Answer : C

A. In adults, hypothyroidism results in

A. less appetite

B. excess sleep

C. feelings of sluggishness

D. hyperactivity.

Correct Answer : C

A. Special group of cells in pancreas which secrete insulin is called

A. loop of Henle'

B. tendon

C. malpighian corpuscle

D. islets of Langerhans.

Correct Answer : D

A. If adrenaline increases blood flow in muscles, long term effect will be

A. the feeling of being more alive

B. vasoconstriction of muscles occurs

C. an improved muscular performance

D. muscles becoming tense and painful.

Correct Answer : D

A. Pupils are dilated to enhance vision due to production of


B. elastin

C. adrenaline

D. Myosin.

Correct Answer : C

A. Purpose of endocrine glands is to secrete hormones

A. inside the body

B. outside the body

C. over the body

D. in the air.

Correct Answer : A

A. Rate of peristalsis increases if amount of adrenaline in blood is

A. reduced for a shorter period of time

B. increased for a longer period of time

C. reduced for a longer period of time

D. increased for a shorter period of time.

Correct Answer : B

A. : Due to stress, an increased blood flow in brain and muscles can cause

A. painful muscles

B. headaches

C. heart attack

D. both A and B.

Correct Answer : D

A. Waste products are egested due to

A. short term effects of stress in body

B. long term effects of stress on body

C. short term hormonal secretions in the body

D. long term nervous impact on the digestive tract.

Correct Answer : A

A. Tachycardia is caused due to

A. hypothalamus

B. hypothyroidism

C. hyperthyroidism

D. hyperthalamus.

Correct Answer : C

A. Functioning of some glands depend upon the

A. age

B. height

C. gender

D. intelligence.

Correct Answer : A

A. : Feelings of sluggishness result due to

A. meningitis

B. improper functioning of adrenal glands

C. improper functioning of mesenteric arteries

D. myxedema.

Correct Answer : C

A. Hypothyroidism refers to

A. overactive thyroid gland

B. underactive thyroid gland

C. underactive testes

D. overactive testes.

Correct Answer : B

A. : Thyroid can be destroyed through

A. radioactive iodine

B. radioactive zinc

C. radioactive carbon

D. radioactive manganese.

Correct Answer : A

A. : Diarrhea is caused due to

A. increase in blood flow

B. increase in rate of peristalsis

C. decrease in rate of peristalsis

D. decrease in blood flow.

Correct Answer : B

A. Insulin is produced in

A. Thyroid gland

B. Adrenal gland

C. Pancreatic glands

D. pituitary gland.

Correct Answer : C

A. To ensure normal growth and development of body, thyroid gland produces

A. thiamine

B. thrombokinase

C. thyroxin

D. insulin.

Correct Answer : C

A. : Glucose (C6H12O6) converted to glycogen (C24H42O21) may be stored in

A. muscles

B. liver

C. pancreas

D. both A and B.

Correct Answer : D

A. Conditions of fear, anger and anxiety causes production of

A. adrenaline

B. thiamine

C. thyroxin

D. blood glycogen.

Correct Answer : A