MCQ's of Bangla 1st Paper

A. In spinal cord, impulse is transmitted from receptor neuron to relay neuron via

A. effector neuron

B. pituarity gland

C. synapse

D. sebum.

Correct Answer : C

A. At intervals, along length, spinal cord

A. has myelin sheath

B. has grey matter

C. gives off spinal nerves

D. branches off into dendrites.

Correct Answer : C

A. Hindbrain is made up of

A. Cerebrum

B. pituitary gland

C. Medulla Oblongata

D. hypothalamus.

Correct Answer : C

A. Hormonal control

A. may be voluntary or involuntary

B. is always involuntary

C. is always voluntary

D. is always reflex.

Correct Answer : B

A. : Overall control of all voluntary action is gained through

A. medulla oblongata

B. Cerebral hemisphere

C. cerebellum

D. pituitary gland.

Correct Answer : B

A. In spinal cord, grey matter

A. is surrounded by white matter

B. surrounds the white matter

C. does not exist

D. forms nerves.

Correct Answer : A

A. Cranial reflexes mostly occur in the

A. muscular contraction

B. head region

C. spinal region

D. hind limbs.

Correct Answer : B

A. Hypothalamus forms the

A. walls of medulla oblongata

B. floor of the cerebral hemispheres

C. base of the cerebellum

D. top of the medulla.

Correct Answer : B

A. Dorsally behind optic lobes is

A. midbrain

B. cerebellum

C. Medulla Oblongata

D. hypothalamus.

Correct Answer : B

A. In PNS, impulses from receptors are taken to the

A. grey matter

B. white matter

C. dorsal root ganglion

D. spinal fibers.

Correct Answer : A

A. Relay neuron in spinal cord transmit impulses to

A. spinal nerves

B. spinal cord

C. midbrain

D. cerebral hemisphere.

Correct Answer : D

A. Terminal branches of axon are known as

A. synapse

B. myelin sheath

C. dendrites

D. dendrons.

Correct Answer : C

A. Shortest way by which impulses travel from receptor to effector is called

A. synapse

B. reflex action

C. reflex arc

D. voluntary response.

Correct Answer : C

A. Tactical movement is felt, when impulse reaches the

A. forebrain

B. c midbrain

C. hindbrain


Correct Answer : A

A. Motor end plate is formed s

A. at the junction of the two neuron

B. when end branch of an axon touches the Dendron

C. when end branch of an axon touches an effector

D. when synapse is busy in other tasks.

Correct Answer : C

A. Meningitis results from meninges become affected through

A. virus

B. bacteria

C. fungi

D. both A and B.

Correct Answer : D

A. Function of meninges is to

A. protect brain

B. protect spinal cord

C. protect digestive organs

D. both A and B.

Correct Answer : D

A. Ventral root of spinal cord

A. contains only receptor neurons

B. contains only effector neurons

C. ends in white matter

D. are attached to the medulla oblongata.

Correct Answer : B

A. : Intermediate neurons are found within the

A. Central Nervous System (CNS)

B. Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)

C. Superior Nervous System (SNS)

D. Inferior Nervous System (INS).

Correct Answer : A

A. All are examples of carnial reflexes, but, not

A. salivation

B. scratching

C. blushing

D. sneezing.

Correct Answer : B