MCQ's of Bangla 1st Paper

A. Death can result due to meningitis caused by

A. virus

B. bacteria

C. fungi

D. amoeba.

Correct Answer : B

A. In order to help recover from bacterial meningitis,

A. endoscopy shall be done

B. ultrasounds may help

C. x-rays are the treatment

D. antibiotics shall be administered.

Correct Answer : D

A. From medulla oblongata to end of vertebral column is

A. digestive system

B. respiratory system

C. spinal cord

D. all of these.

Correct Answer : C

A. Effector neurons extend from spinal cord to the

A. spinal nerve

B. ventral root

C. medulla oblongata

D. both A and B.

Correct Answer : D

A. Quick response is produced by the

A. nervous control

B. hormonal control

C. muscular control

D. digestive control.

Correct Answer : A

A. In order to provide nutrients to spinal cord,

A. grey matter surrounds the cord

B. white mater surrounds the cord

C. cerebrospinal fluid runs through the cord

D. H-shaped grey matter is helpful.

Correct Answer : C

A. Blinking of an eye is an example of

A. carnial reflexes

B. motor neurons

C. relay neurons

D. spinal reflexes.

Correct Answer : A

A. Simple reflex can be conditioned through

A. inheritance

B. inborne traits

C. some training

D. push ups.

Correct Answer : C

A. Response to external environment that is beneficial to organism is termed as

A. sensitivity

B. stability

C. sustenance

D. similarity.

Correct Answer : B

A. After leaving spinal cord, spinal nerve gets divided into nerve fibers, connecting to

A. receptors

B. effectors

C. midbrain

D. all parts of body.

Correct Answer : D

A. Spinal nerves emerge from the

A. vertebral column

B. spinal cord

C. Medulla Oblongata

D. all of these.

Correct Answer : B

A. Stimulus originally ineffective in producing specific response is called as

A. reflex arc

B. reflex action

C. voluntary actions

D. conditioned reflex action.

Correct Answer : D

A. Spinal nerve

A. contains only receptor neurons

B. contains only effector neurons

C. is attached dorsally to the medulla oblongata

D. is a mixed nerve.

Correct Answer : D

A. Nerve impulses of carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration are transmitted to CNS through

A. Dendron

B. axons

C. forebrain


Correct Answer : D

A. Functions of relaying neurons in spinal cord does not include

A. connecting receptor nerve fibers to brain

B. connecting brain to the effector neurons

C. connecting receptors to effector neurons

D. connecting white matter with grey matter.

Correct Answer : C

A. Primary function of sense organs include

A. transmit impulses from receptors to forebrain

B. perceive external stimuli

C. interpret external stimuli

D. produce reflex responses.

Correct Answer : B

A. Function of neurilemma is to

A. insulate the myelin sheath

B. provide nourishment to myelin sheath

C. protects myelin sheath from ruptures

D. protect the stimuli in neuron from being lost.

Correct Answer : B

A. Some sensory neurons

A. have no nucleus

B. have short dendrones

C. have long dendrones

D. are without dendrites.

Correct Answer : C

A. When brain is viewed from above in man, visible part of brain is

A. medulla oblongata

B. Cerebral hemisphere

C. cerebellum

D. pituitary gland.

Correct Answer : B

A. Examples of reflex action does not include

A. sneezing

B. blushing

C. scratching

D. vasoconstriction.

Correct Answer : D